Frequently asked questions

What software does Par Fit Toolkit require to be able to run?

The ParFit Toolkit runs using an Adobe programme called Adobe Air. If this programme is not already installed on your PC then you will need to install this before you can install the Par Fit Tool Kit software.

Adobe Air can be downloaded and installed for free here –

Do I need Administrator rights to install the Par Fit Toolkit?

If you are a Parker employee then administrator rights are required to install the Par Fit Toolkit (or indeed Adobe Air) software onto your PC – if you are unsure if you already have administrator rights we recommend you contact your IT support person.

What is the installation process?

Assuming you already have Adobe Air installed on your PC (see above) then the process to install Par Fit Toolkit is simple.

Go to and click the ‘Install Par Fit Toolkit’ button – this should begin the automatic installation process.

Once installed you will be required to register your use of Par Fit Toolkit.

Once installed, what is the registration process?

Once you have fully installed the Par Fit Toolkit software the initial registration page will open automatically.
You are required to enter your details to register your use of the software.

Once you have completed and submitted your details your registration will be approved (approval is automatic if you are a Parker employee, if not a Parker employee we aim to approve registrations within 24 hours).

Once your registration has been approved you will be emailed a unique activation code.
Please open the software and enter the activation code where requested.

You will now have full access to the ParFit Tool Kit.

For more information email: